Thursday, July 19, 2012

The question

The question of the day week Month…

Prior to my “time off” to rest my knee (tendonitis), I was in the best marathon shape of my running career.  I had run the Shamrock Marathon and an 75 mile Ultra with 9 straight months with a 20 mile long run, and 13 straight months with 100+ miles.  A few too many hill runs got me sidelined for the better part of a month and a half.   During this time I’ve continued to workout on an elliptical, now it’s time to start running again.  Did I mention I have a spot in the Marine Corp Marathon, 28 Oct.  Where do I start? 

My question is where do I start my training from?  How much fitness, long run ability did I loss?  Pretty sure it would not be a good idea to jump right back in at 40+ miles per week and a 20 mile long run.  So how many weekly miles should I be shooting for?  Where should my long runs start?

I’ve got 13+ weeks until the Marine Corp Marathon, my goal is to run a 4:30 to sub 5:00 time.

What is your advice?


  1. I am the wrong person to ask but I bet you didn't lose much. So much of running is mental and you have that down.

    1. Thanks Rob, I hope I can keep on rolling along. How has your running been going? Loved batman week, sad it had to end with such terrible crimes.


  2. Brian, My daughter & I plan to run the Marine Corps Marathon too. Looks like you are well ahead of me in the training. So I don't have much advice for you. Sounds like you have a pretty good grasp of where you are at. My goal is to 1) finish; & 2) Finish in about 4:50. Right now I am shooting for 25 miles a week, but it needs to be double that. Training in this heat & humidity in Atlanta--along with my work schedule--has made training difficult. See you in DC. -Jack

  3. Jack,
    Is this your first? If so stick to your plan...know the pace you want to run and go out slow. Good luck and let me know how it goes!