Monday, July 9, 2012

Running Mind Dump

My #HASHTAG Running Mind Dump – AKA what goes thru my mind while running… blueberry bagels, diet, pizza, pizza hut, pepperoni, higher math, algebra, homework, I hate school but love to run, swamp people and gator marry, heat, Lebron James can’t win a ring on his own, #hashtag rules the world, cup cakes, red velvet,    

Un-Running Related:

--  Food Recommendation:  Blueberry bagels…a day is not complete without one or two!

--  Food Thought:  I figured out the perfect ration of pepperoni on pizza, you take the circumference of the shell times 3, add in the number of pepperoni slices you eat while figuring this out, divide by 3. Works every time…

--  Music Recommendation:  I heard an old friend on the radio the other day, Hootie and the Blowfish where did you go?

--  Cupcake Recommendation:  Red Velvet with white icing

--  Other Sports:  Lebron James winning a championship ring is kind of like me asking Lance Armstrong to ride all but the last mile of the Tour De France and I take it from there….#hollowwin

 --  Worried about the world:  Has anyone named their kid hashtag yet?  Or how about #hashtag   

Running Related:

--  Who turned on the heat…last few days have been downright nasty.

--  It SUCKS SWAMP WATER to be a runner who can’t run…for any length of time.  

--  #runchat on twitter check it out

--  The Olympics Trails is great TV…these guys and gals are putting it all out there.  USA, USA, USA! Can’t wait for the games to begin!

--  Galen Rupp is awesome…that dude can lay them down when it’s money time. Starting to think he is “The Flash.”

--  Most days…I don’t have time to run, I MAKE time and you can too.

--  Bizarro-World thought:  Elvis and Prince sign up for a half marathon…who would be wearing a singlet?   

-- Prefontaine was the dude!

--  I really would like a pair of Air Pegasus shoes colored up like Eddie Van Halen classic guitar.  Come on Nike…help a runner out!

What goes thru your mind while running? Post a comment below and tell me about it.

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  1. I know you are a Clevland fan but Lebron played amazing in the Finals. He put the team on his back.

    1. Might have but lost all my respect with his "decision self love" fiasco.

      "I'm taking my talents to the blog"

  2. I was pegs in those colors too! We have to talk to Running Etc. ;) lol.

    1. They would look cool....might have to make a pair myself.