Saturday, June 9, 2012

I interrupt this...........

I interrupt this running season to bring you....."Runners Knee" aka "Strained Knee" can also be called "Sprained Knee" or "Patella Tendonitis."

I knew better, I had advised others to avoid this mistake AND yet I still got sucked in....I over trained, I over worked...I over did one type of workout.  

For me it was Hill training.  Curse you HILLS.  Forsake you HILLS...if running you did not make us so strong, I would never ever run you AGAIN!

My wife had the opportunity to work some "OT" last month, so instead of running my routine route (nearly flat), I ran on Fort Lee.  The roads on base have a very pronounced crest and try as I might to avoid the extreme slant of the roadway, I still logged miles on uneven footing.  After the Fort Lee runs we went camping over a long weekend.  The course I mapped out was 11 miles over some very hilly terrain.  My Saturday run was so enjoyable that I ran it on Sunday as well, back to back days over a very hilly course.  A week later I ran the beautiful but hilly Williamsburg "Run for the Dream" Half Marathon with a bonus 7 miles before race start.  I estimate I packed 6 months worth of hill routines into 4 weeks.  With these grueling workouts, I made gains on hill performance, then like a thief in the night, my running world changed.

During a routine run, I laced up my shoes like normal, walked out of the house and took a few short strides and next thing I knew...pain in my right knee.

For a month I tried to self cure this pain....and continued to run.  During this time the first few steps were the worst, major pain around my knee cap, not under it but around the center and edges.  After a mile or so I could work my way past the pain and run some quality miles.  Realizing I needed to get off the hills I returned to flat surfaces and the track.  I even ran one of my fastest miles in a long time, then the next night I could not run anymore.  I started off on a routine run and had to stop after the first mile.  Too much pain which had me altering my was National Running Day.  I was crushed.

Of course I was already knee deep (no pun intended) into internet research on what could have happened.  Although 90% sure I kept my mouth shut when I went to see the doctor.  A nice young female doctor asked me about my injury, my life style, my running and proceeded to poke, push and twist my knee for signs of the cause.  Thankfully NO STRUCTURAL damage.  Since I had no trauma she asked about the weeks leading up.  Then with a deep breath she gave her diagnoses, "You over worked your knee and the tendons (Patella tendon) are irritated." Then the words no runner wants to hear "You need REST...two weeks no running."  I've been given a treatment routine of RICE = Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation w/Motrin to bring down some inflammation.  YUCK...but I will follow doctors orders.

On the bright side she did call me an EXTREME Athlete, that made my MONTH.

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