Sunday, June 17, 2012

To run or not to run....

That is the question?

If you remember I had a little knee issue a few days/weeks back.  I visited the doctor and was told I had no structural damage.  Although the doctor told me I needed to rest my knee.  The doctor said to give it 14 days, and I could do whatever other exercises I wanted that did not hurt my knee.  I've followed "the rules," but now 10 days into this I HAVE THE ITCH.

I've been a good 4 days with no knee pain....What should I do?

I want to run!

(I do not support Twisted Sister, although my hair may have looked like this during my teenage years)

What should I do?  Do I run or not?

Pls post a comment and let me know your thoughts?


  1. I would wait a couple of days. I tried running on my foot too soon and I think I set it back.

    1. Yea is so hard to not go for a run! It's Monday, I'm on vacation and have time to run....I'll try to fight it off Brian

  2. You only have 4 more days to wait, wait it out. If you push it could be another 14 days, or worse a serious injury.

  3. Thanks, trying to be smart.