Thursday, June 28, 2012

Second Opinion and New Sock Day!

Some news is good news and some days of the year are just special...

Christmas (the day of our savior)

Your birthday

New bed sheets day

And new sock day!
Today I visited the doctor again to check out my knee.  After taking 14 days off and getting three successful outings in the book, Monday my knee pain came back.

Again the doctor, poked, prodded, twisted and pulled and again no structural damage. That's the good news.  The bad news...the doctor recommended rest.  This may be the only thing that will fix this.  But I do have options...

#1 Knee strap...I'm going to try a knee strap and see if this helps keep the pressure off my knee cap.
 #2 KT Tape...if the knee strap works, then I'll try the tape.  If that works I'll stick with the tape if it does not...back to the strap.  If neither works...
#3 R E S T

Have you had a nagging injury that would not go away?  What did you do?


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