Saturday, June 30, 2012

I Can't Deny It Any Longer...

The first step of recovery is admitting you have a problem...

My name is Brian, I am A RUNNER and I have a knee injury.

This week I saw my second doctor who confirmed no structural damage to my right knee but a case of patella tendonitis (I hate that word).  Instead of listening to the doctors and my body, I kept looking for away to get back to the roads.  After all I'm a runner that is what I do.
But today, with the hope that a knee strap would help me, I could not run more then a quarter mile before the pain was back.  I could have pressed thru it, but with the pain I begun to alter my stride.  It's time to listen up.

I'm shutting it down for July.  This is a very hard thing for me to do.  I'm in the best shape of my life, my running was at a new level.  Only problem, I broke my own golden not over train, do not over do the miles, the hills or the speed work.  I monitor my miles pretty close and try to never exceed a 10% jump in mileage.  What got me this time...the hills.  In the course of two and a half weeks I ran 80+ miles of hills. During the first weekend I ran 22 miles over some monster hills.

My knee began to get a little sore after the second 11 miler, but I pressed on.

The next week I ran hills as part of my normal workout, then ran a half marathon (+7 = 20 miler) over a hilly race course.  Another camping trip led to another hilly run... 

The worst part, I knew I was opening myself up to an injury, yet could not see the forest for the trees were in the way.  I got sucked in...while banging away at the hills my legs got so strong.  Hills were no longer a monster challenge...and I wanted more.

So here I go...30 days of elliptical training. How will this effect marathon training?  Were going to find out...

Stayed turned!


  1. Ahh, bummer Brian! Injury is so tough. At least the heat and humidity of July make it a good month for other options ... like getting in the pool.

    Heal up soon!

  2. Thanks...let's hope this time down helps.