Thursday, June 7, 2012

Running Mind Dump

My Ultra Marathon Running Mind DumpAKA What goes thur my mind while running…PB and J, Pancakes, JESUS ROCKS, Christian music, Ginger snaps, Ultra marathons, Nike, Shoe fetish, High School, McDowell class of 1982, Olympics, Kara Goucher, Paul Radcliffe, Road Runner and the Coyote, Billy Mills, Robbie Benson, Gillian’s Island, Big Foot, Penn Relays, USA vs the World....

Un-Running Related:

-- Food recommendation:  I’ve rediscovered peanut butter sandwiches, not PBJ, just the peanut butter…oh in the name of Ninjas, they are good!

--  Food thought: The perfect pancake is a work of art, timing, gravity and thermal dynamics.

-- Music recommendation:  Enjoying the bands: Building 429 and The Afters, yes it is Christian rock.  Give it a try!

-- Cookie recommendation:  Ginger Snaps!

Running Related:

-- Am I the only one who watched the USA womens relay team and thought…oh I wish I could fly like those girls…

-- Something in my mind snapped, after the 75 mile Ultra…a marathon seams more do able.  I hope I don’t recover.

--  I think I have a thing for running shoes…I presently have 7 pairs of Nike Air Pegasus shoes in my closet.  Pls don’t judge me…

--  I miss the Road Runner cartoons on a Saturday morning.

--  I never really missed my High School years, but with the Olympics coming, I sure wish I would have ran track more serious. 

--  I really can’t wait for the Summer Olympics to begin, Go Team USA and UK Marathoner Paula Radcliffe

--  Bizarro-World thought:  Who would win in a Mud Run, Gillian or Ginger?

-- Last running movie I watched, Running Brave with Robbie Benson (1964 10,000 meter US Olympic gold medalist, Billy Mills), great story, and a good subject. I highly recommend it.

-- If there was a Big Foot, would he be better at the marathon or sprints?

 -- May 2012…where do the years go?

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