Saturday, November 17, 2012

Maniac Top Tweets

Two Topics Today

#1  I'm in:

I'm a Marathon Maniac #6151, I've found refuge, a place where slightly off balance marathoners call home, where the Insane can feel Sane again, and once again be treated like a normal although crazy human being.

Of course I jest, It's just a club.  I joined more for the giggles and so I can wear the weird looking yellow maniacs shirts!  But here goes I'll try to represent the maniacs well.

#2 Top Twitter Tweets:

@JayRLloyd  Saw Twilight - lost mancard - made wife happy - gets mancard back

@LadyMegSoprano I do not care, I did not blinky When I heard of the demise of the Twinkie. I do not let them pass my lips I do not want them on my hips

@NikeRunning  Pain is temporary. Victory is eternal

@MalindaAnnHill  I tried on my @Philly_marathon shirt & I noticed I got 1/2 marathon shirt by mistake! Hope that's not a sign?! #runnerproblem

@oiselle_sally  It doesn't matter what you wear. Running is ALWAYS in fashion.”

@cyktrussell  Clinton never would have let Twinkies go under...

@Modern_Redneck  The time just before a marathon is when you can pause and reflect, and realize you're a idiot to be doing this again. 

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