Saturday, July 13, 2013

22 Days

22 days and I could be DEAD

A story has been making the rounds, and received National Attention about a Cleveland Browns fan who's last request was that six Browns players be pallbearers at his funeral so the team could "let him down one last time."  At first I found this story pretty stupid....a last attempt at attention at the cost of my favorite sports team.  I also found it sad, on your death bed and your taking jabs at a SPORTS team.  Then I found it shocking...

It was reported by the News Journal, Scott Entsminger hadn't missed a Browns home game since 1999. The General Motors retiree had pancreatic cancer and died 22 days after his diagnosis.

22 days...that is the real story here, 22 days.

Today I feel great, best position of my life.  My faith is centered on the LORD and savior JESUS Christ.  My relationship with my wife is the best ever and I'm more in touch with the love of my family then I have ever been.  My health and fitness are outstanding yet in 22 days I could be gone.

In 22 days I hope to go camping, I hope to run another 50k, I hope to hear news about the Browns training camp and more importantly, I hope to see more people accept JESUS.

Everyday people are hearing scarey words from doctors, many saw it coming and others did not.  Many are ready and sadly I would assume the majority are NOT.  Let's not take today for granted.  Let 's worship the creator GOD, lets accept Christ as our Savior and lets LOVE our family.  Let's go for a run.

This is some heavy stuff here...I'll pray for Mr Entsminger, his family, my family, my friends and the Cleveland Browns.  

Now, I'm going for a run!

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