Saturday, July 27, 2013

8 Ways

8 Ways Ultra Marathon Training Has Changed My Life:

This post was inspired by the blog Shut Up and Run, on how Ironman training was changing her life.  And it rang a bell with me. So here we go:

1.  I never get to sleep in, during the work week, I commute meaning I'm up at the butt crack of dawn (0340) and weekends are made for the long run.  So my sleep cycle never sees anything past 0700.

2.  I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat, anytime, anyplace...Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

3.  I eat much better, not perfect but much better.

4.  My monthly running miles have soared, I used to struggle to get in topping 200.

(Really does not apply, but love Road Runner and the Coyote)

5.  I had what I would call pretty runners feet, not so much anymore.

6.  Not that a Marathon is easy, but 26.2 miles does not scare me anymore....I respect it, but numbers like 50, 75 and 100 miles have my attention.  Okay 100 miles, I still have not gotten my mind around that yet, but it has my attention.

7.  I've got a good leg tan going, but my feet are freakishly white.

(My wife has flip flop tan, I have white feet)

 8.  I have become addicted to smoothies, I love drinking them, love making them (with my wonderful wife), and obsessed with finding new receipts.  I guess there are worse addictions....I could be Anthony Weiner, I'm sorry Carlos Danger.

(Thanks, Nathan)
Side note to this blog entry, this is my Facebook post from a few nights ago after my normal run around the neighborhood.  Still makes me smile.
I got the nicest compliment tonight while out on my run: This little girl saw me running and told her friends "here comes Mr Exercise Man" Melted my heart...and when I passed her again she said "Hi, Mr Exercise Man," Thank made my night!
As I wrap up this post I'm prepping for a 6 mile run to meet up with other folks who I will join for a 9 mile run then I just might run back home.  

Enjoy Your Day and Enjoy Your RUN!      

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