Saturday, July 20, 2013

Run Everyday

How do you do it?

I post, tweet and update my Facebook status after nearly all my workouts.  I'M Sure this bugs some people, and may inspire others.  It has led to a few people asking me either in person or on one of the platforms….How do you run nearly everyday?  And then the most intense question they ask: How do you run after work, when I’m normally so tired the last thing I think about is running?

So to provide some insight and to be like Dr. Phil, I’ve come up with  (Insert dramatic voice over) “MY, FIVE KEYS TO MAKE SURE YOU GET IN YOUR AFTER WORK RUN.”

Key #1  View your after work run as a reward for a tough day on the job.  Not to get all serious on my readers (all 12 of you), but there are tons of people out there that wish they were in your position.  Wished they had a job to run after.  Wished they had the health so they could run or wished they had the ability.  The best way to not miss a run…think of it as your “End of Day Reward!”

Key #2  Commit to it, some of us a morning people, some are night people…if I had my option I would be a morning runner, but since I don’t  I’m a After Work Runner, that is how I view myself, that is my life style, I work and I run.  Don’t fight it commit to it.    

Key #3  Have a plan.  Once I lay out my running plan for the month, I stick to it.  I’m by nature a routine guy.  I like the predictable, I embrace the mundain…my plan says I have to run so I must get in the run and after work is the only time it fits in. Have a plan and stick to it.

Key #4  Just do it.  That slogan sells shoes and it keeps me running…even when I’m tired.  I just do it…just get that first step in, that first mile and the next thing you know I’m finishing up that after work run and saying “That was a GOOD run.”  Be Like Mike and NIKE, Just Do It!

And Finally

Key #5  And my most important key.  KEEP MOVING, after leaving work and pulling the car into the driveway, I do not stop moving for anything.  I make a bee line to change into my running gear, put on my shoes, grab my water bottle and GPS and out the door I go.  If I were to stop moving for anything, if I sat down to: cuddle the puppy dog, rest for even a second or to read the mail, the run would be dead.  Keep moving to get your RUN in.

There you have (Insert dramatic voice over) “MY, FIVE KEYS TO MAKE SURE YOU GET IN YOUR AFTER WORK RUN.”  Will they change your life, I doubt it but they might just help you get that after work run in and meet your running goals.



  1. I actually do a lot of my workouts after work, I've gotten good at running in the evening. #5 is the most important for me- If I go home and sit down I am mentally done. But if I hit the gym on the way home, or stop somewhere to run before getting home I do much better.

  2. Got ya.....I must keep moving! Weekends I run in the morning, like getting my run out of the way then on to the day!