Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Runner Problems


The Runner problems hash tag is popular on Twitter.  And some of the "Problems" that come up are oh so common and some are so very true. And some are just so funny.  These problems got me thinking about some of the common #RunnerProblems I have experienced and the trade offs that come with being a Runner.

Listed in "no particular order."

#1LOSSOFSLEEP,  Because of my job I get up every weekday at 0340, which requires me to get most of my runs in after work.  On the weekends I like to get in my long runs...so sleeping in is NOT something I get to do.  BUT the after LONG RUN nap is so worth it.

#2UGLYTOENAILS, I used to think I had pretty good looking feet for a runner.  But a few Ultra marathons (50+ mile runs) have put a beating on my toe nails...now a few look kind of sick, BUT I do have an outstanding running shoe collection.

#3FAMILYANDFRIENDSJUSTDON'TUNDERSTAND,  My wife kind of gets it, but most of my family worry about me. And my friends think I'm nuts, BUT I have a ton of friends who share my love of the longer mile on FB and Twitter...and the bonus is the few I have met are really nice people.

#4SOMEPARTOFMYBODYALWAYSHURTS, When you push yourself way beyond normal, parts are going to get overused, Its going to hurt.  BUT, the pain reminds me of what my body is capable of...how many people could drop what they are doing and go for a 20 mile run.

#5IDOMISSSOMEQUIETFAMILYTIME, the hours spent out on the road have to come from some place.  Sometimes I steal an hour from here or there...this takes me away from my family, after all running is a solo endeavor.  BUT, running has made me a better person, running has put me closer to my Creator GOD, I spend this time in prayer for my family, my friends, the church and our communities.

Next time you are faced with a Running Problem, look for the trade offs that a Running Life provides for you!


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