Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Top Tweets

Some tweets make me think, some make me feel happy, some make me mad, some make me chuckle....and here are my Top Tweets:

You might be a runner if ibuprofen is your recreational drug of choice.  @UmightBeaRunner

I don't always warm up before a 5K but when I do... It's at least 18 miles. @runlikeamug

The runner in first place in not the only victorious runner in the race. Every goal met is a victory. Every heart gladdened is a victory. 

Dear 5 year old, I could let you stay up till 9 but since you took the liberty of being a little brat today I'm putting u to bed NOW #iwin  

I love naps! But I wish time would stop when I take them.  So I could nap longer.  

"Your legs will forgive you...eventually."  

Don't make money your goal. Pursue the things you love doing  @TeamRunner4Life 

Humidity + heat makes it hard to #RunAndTweet. ;-)   

I was going to tweet some other stuff from last week but if you were all that interested you probably would have read it then, right?  

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