Wednesday, September 26, 2012

2 Days Until

10 Facts About Our Colonial 200 Mile Relay Adventure:

 1.  The start is at beautiful King Family Vineyards in Crozet, VA.  This is the first of many breathtaking vistas along the 206.8 miles leading to Jamestown Beach Park in Williamsburg, VA.

2.  Our Start time is 0615 Friday Morning.

3.  Our team, “Team Enofuse” is made up of six runners (4 guys and 2 gals) each with varying degree of running experience.  Our team will not be running in any “order.” Our team captain has divided up the legs into easy, medium and hard levels of difficultly.  These legs have been divided among team member with near equal totals in difficulty and miles. Our captain has also tried to match runners’ strengths with challenges of the course.  The only real rule governing race legs is that a runner must complete the leg he/she started and a runner cannot run successive legs.

4.  Mark and Eddie will be our support drivers and crew, THANK YOU both, We will be rocking one support van, it might be a little cramped in there and the smell…wish we had “Hazardous Duty Pay” for you guys.

5.  The rule book states No Drinking and Driving…but nothing about Drinking and Running….ha ha ha.  Just a joke here…No Drinking Whatsoever.  Good Rule.

6.  Race Officials have provided us with a great source of information on local hospitals and medical care facilities but nothing about local corners.??  I wonder if that was just an oversight?

7.  The race directors have hired off-duty police officers to patrol the course in each county providing additional safety, but what about animal control, I’m more worried about Bears and SKUNKS!

 8.  Majority of “Exchange Zones” are located at local churches…not a better place if you ask me!

9.  The awards ceremony will be held at 6:00 pm Saturday or before if all teams have finished the event…pls wake me up, I’M SURE I’LL BE OUT!

10.  There will be (pause for dramatic effect) “Showers” near the finish…I’ve been told the Virginia State Bio Health Agencies have made this a MANDATORY requirement.

EXTRA BONUS FACTOID:  The course will be marked with 18” x 24” yellow directional signs ….BUT I’ll be the runner who gets lost, just ask my wife.   

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Our team would like the THANK the race organizers and the following counties: Albemarle, Louisa, Hanover, New Kent, Charles City and James City and VDOT for their support of this relay.

What are we doing you might ask? A 206.8 mile relay race.  

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