Thursday, September 13, 2012

Half Way to Marine Corp Marathon


I’m a little late in posting my review of week 6 of my 13 week “Road to the Marine Corp Marathon.”  You might be thinking, Why a 13 week program?  This summer I have been plagued with a case of Patella Tendinitis.  And as a result of this little pain in the knee, I lost most of June and nearly all of July to recovery and rest.  August 1st is  when I started running/training again, I had 13 weeks to get back into marathon shape for my 26.2 mile run in our nation’s capital.

Week 6
Monday          off (11.25…made up for missing a race the day before) 
Tuesday         off
Wednesday      6 (7)
Thursday          4 (4...first back to back run in months)
Friday             off      
Saturday         14 (17.5…slow but happy miles)
Sunday             0 
Total 39.75 miles

Midway thru week 7 and it’s hard to believe I feel like a real runner again.

Week 7
Monday             6 (7) 
Tuesday         off
Wednesday      8 (8 @ 9:29 pace)
Thursday          4 (4 easy run*)
Friday             off 
Saturday         16 (16 @ 10:02 pace 2hr 40m)
Sunday           off
Total 35 miles

Today is the mid way point, 44 43 42 days and counting…and it is about at this point that I feel like a marathon runner again.  My knee has been doing well; I have not had any real pain since returning to my training.  To get to this point I have been really cautious logging miles.  As humbling as it was, I started with limited miles, did not run back to back days for the first month and limited the amount of speed type work.  I’m at the point I feel like the marathon is doable.  Got in my second "Back 2 Back" running days without pain...and in fact the run felt great.  And at Half way, I have the time to get in the longer runs and stay on my controlled plan to not over do it and have a set back.

Like my road to recovery, I have humble goals for the Marathon…#1 Finish and #2 I would like to run it no slower then 4:45 or 4:30 if all goes right.  If I can survive that, then I’ll begin working on my sub 4 hour marathon for the spring.  I’ve run 4:10…so I believe I can do it!

What are your marathon goals?  When is your next marathon?

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