Friday, September 21, 2012

50 Shades Part 4

50 Shades of Running…

Chapter 4  "Race Day Thoughts"

20.  Each race I know...THAT I can.

19.  26.2….cause 26.3 is just crazy talk.

18.  Mile 26 thought…Do I look as bad as that guy?

17.  Finishing thought...At the end of this I’m going to eat a pizza, some cookies, followed by a big glass of milk.

16.  Two people can look at the same race course and see it differently.

15.  Great coverage of the elites at Run Blog Run 

14.  Failure, Today is not one of those days.

13.  You can’t fake a Marathon.

12.  Only thing worse then doing math in public is trying to figure out your mile splits on the run.

11. You can think “You can” or “You can’t” and you’ll be right!

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