Wednesday, September 19, 2012

200 Miles

The Next Big Adventure...200 miles with friends. (Really it's 206.8 but who's counting?)
In 8 short days six of us (two couples, Jon & Cara, Tim & Terri, Josh and I) will begin a 200 mile relay race.  The Colonial 200 Relay is a unique, overnight relay adventure in which our team of friends will run over 200 scenic miles through the heart of Virginia.  The Colonial 200 Relay begins in Albemarle County in central Virginia and finishes in historic Jamestown.

Our team of six (four guys and two gals) will kick off this adventure Friday morning and hope to be finished early Saturday afternoon.  The race is split up into 36 legs with distances varying from 3 – 10 miles. Along with our team of runners we will have a support van and two drivers (Mark and Eddie) to drop off and pick up our runners at designated exchange zones along the 200 mile route.

All of our runners are social media junkies so be sure to follow our adventures at #colonial200 and all our twitter and social media handles.

The long varying miles of the race will be just one of the challenges we will face this weekend.  Another will be conquering the logistics and support challenges of supporting six runners over a course of over 200 miles.  The terrain we will cover is as varying as the personalities of each of our team members.  Then there is the clock...36 hours, that's right a 36 hour road trip...36 hours on the road, like any other great adventure...anything can happen in 36 hours.  But the finish will be worth any challenge.

The finish is along the Capital Trail traveling into Williamsburg near some of the most famous plantations in Virginia (Shirley, Berkeley, and Sherwood Forest).  Finishing across the street from the Jamestown Settlement, the Colonial200 Relay will be a great team challenge and a great way to see the rich history of Virginia. 

What was your biggest challenge? 

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