Saturday, September 15, 2012

50 Shades Part 3

50 Shades of Running…

Chapter 3  Runner Problems

30.  I don’t wear shorts out in public often…the women stare at my legs to much.

29.  If I did not run, there would be a lot more OREOs in the world.

28.  Food is fuel…any questions?

27.  Short shorts…only for Olympians.

26.  Picking which shoes I wear for which race.

25.  Toe nails…only for the weak.

24.  Have you heard anyone asking “do these running shorts make my butt look fat?”

23.  Runners never quit and quitters never run.  @TeamRunner4Life 

22.  Running, where you’re allowed to hang out with fast women…and it’s good for you.

21.  I see people running when I'm at work and I'm jealous!

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