Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Thought on Thursday...

Throwback Thursday Thoughts...

Long term, To run is easier then to not...

The first step is tough, but the last step is GREAT!

A bad day running is better then the best day of recovery.

Get out and run, the rest of the day will take care of it's self!

Throwback Thursday:
Wish I had a picture of my throwback race.  But any pictures from those gone by days have been thrown out during one of my many military moves.

My first race was the "We Love Erie Days 10k" back in 1988.  I had been training for around 9 months (getting ready for the military) and I had put in a lot of miles but really did not know much about racing or pacing.  In fact I did not know much about running.

This 10k was staged in down town Erie, Pa.  I remember being nervous and very out of my comfort zone at the start.  Not knowing how I should handle myself in the race I got caught up in the hype and went out way to fast.  My idea of pacing was to try and find a another runner who looked like me and follow them...figured we had to be at the same fitness level.  Okay this did not work!

Within the first mile I knew I was in trouble...and at the mid way point I was suffering!  Oh I was in pain and thought I'll never run another race again.  In the heat of August, running faster then I was capable, it took all I could do to hang on and not stop running.  I was suffering but was determined to never walk and finish this race.  

The route went past a lot of the traditional neighborhoods of Erie and the closing miles lead us to State street and a down hill finish on the public dock.  I crossed the finish line in 59 minutes and some change.  I finished, I had not walked but I was not happy.  This race taught me that I had no idea what I was doing and put me off from racing for years.  I learned more about training and pacing in the years to come.  After this throwback lesson racing became a lot more fun!

Do you have a throwback race that stands out?  Tell us about it!

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