Saturday, August 4, 2012

Come Back Week 1

30 days ago when the doctor told me I needed to take the next month off, after picking my jaw up off the ground, I thought I could tape up my knee and just push thru. A failed run and I knew I had to shut it down.  To keep in shape I worked out on our elliptical, watched alot of movies and dreamed of the day I could once again feel like a runner.

Thank you, knee strap!

 Without running...I began to feel like runners were the other guys, I lost the handle on my eating, and I began to questioned if I could get back to where I once was.


The come back week came was upon me...and I was pretty nervous and lacked some confidence.

I made it past my first run, second run, third run...but what about the long run?

TODAY I ran 9 miles and never felt a thing out of my knee, I felt strong, I felt capable and I felt like a runner.

Monday           3 (check)
Tuesday          off
Wednesday     4 (check)
Thursday         4 (Elliptical, thunder storms)
Friday             off      
Saturday          6 (9 miles)
Sunday            off

It's only one week and I'm going to keep myself in check...but today was a good day!  Bring on WEEK 2

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