Monday, August 13, 2012

Running and Rafting

Marathon come back Week 2 is in the books, but not without a little concern.  This week I would test my knee with the first “come back” back to back runs, on Wednesday I ran 5 miles around our housing area and then planned to go 6 Thursday.  The run Wednesday run went well, not an issue but when I pushed off on the first steps of Thursdays run the old familiar and despised pain in my knee came back, not near the same level but just enough to say Hi “Remember Me.”  

Well I did remember and was not happy…

I managed to work my way thu the knee thing and ran a solid 5.5 miles, but figured I had to adjust my training plan to avoid back to back running days a little while longer.  I ended my running week on Saturday…a nice 6 miles along the roads and levees of Scottsville, Va during an weekend camping adventure.

Monday           4 (check)
Tuesday          off
Wednesday     5 (check 5.25)
Thursday         6 (check 5.50)*slight pain on start
Friday             off      
Saturday          6 (check 6.15)
Sunday           off
(check 20.9 miles)

With the running week behind me, Michele and I went tubing down the James River with a group of camping friends.  It was a perfect day, we had a ton of fun, the weather was outstanding and the laughs were never ending.  I’m also happy to report the sharks, alligators and flying monkeys of the James River left us to our own devices.  If you’re ever looking for a nice weekend around the James River and Scottsville, VA head over to Horse Shoe Flats Camp Ground and tell them Brian and Michele sent ya…

On to week 3, I’m going to adjust my training plan to not run back to back days for the remainder of Aug, and leverage clock time to get in 4 runs a week.  Let’s see how long run Friday nights go….Am I crazy????

Monday           6
Tuesday         off
Wednesday     6
Thursday        off
Friday             11      
Saturday         off
Sunday            3

"In ALL things, TRUST GOD"

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