Monday, August 27, 2012

Running Mind Dump - Aug

Random thoughts that enter my mind while running down the over crowded streets of life. (Turkey, Tacos, Skillet, Cookie Monster, Vote 2012, Batman vs Charlie Sheen, Colonial 200 mile, The Flash, Big Bang Theory and GOD)

Un-Running Related: 
--  Food Recommendation:  Turkey Tacos….ground turkey instead of hamburger, oh yummy! 

--  Music Recommendation:  The Christian Band Skillet  They Rock!

--  Cupcake/Cookie Recommendation: Mmmmm Cookies!

--  Worried about the world:  I believe politicians are no longer running on platforms that would help the country, but on platforms that will appeal to the widest voter groups.  “Ask not what is good for your country but on what platform will get you elected.”

--  Political thought:  How far in debt are we, after a billion…I can’t assign a value to it anymore. 

Running Related: 
--  Who would have the better marathon time, Batman (in full Bat gear), or Charlie Sheen (after you told him there was an open bar 26.2 miles down the road)? 

--  If Usain Bolt could keep up his 100 meter time (9.79) for the full marathon he would finish in 1hr 14mins (approx, someone check my math)! 

-- Training thought:  About a month away from the Colonial 200 mile relay, running this event with 3 great running buddies….what did we sign ourselves up for?

-- Bizarro-World thought:  If you had to run a local race dressed up as a Super hero, who would it be?  The Flash for me! 

-- Vain running thought:  Would I look good in my Flash costume?
-- If you are running down the road, alone….and you fart, burp or sneeze do you say excuse me?  I do…and I have no idea why?????

-- That "Call Me Maybe" song is the worst song ever to have stuck in your head during a long run…I think my face melted off by the time I could get that out of my mind.

--  We need a running reality show…"So You Think You Can Run."

Heavier Then Running Related:
-- If GOD (and there is a GOD) said yes to every one of your prayer requests yesterday, how would the world be different today.  Be BOLD pray BOLD…(but not in the GOD is your sugar Daddy kind of way)...Listen to the whole message here.


  1. Ha ha, love those thoughts.....except I would choose cupcakes over cookies!

    I should be more bold with my prayers. I ask for patience daily!

    1. Cupcakes...ohhhh yea! I love cup cakes and a big cold glass of milk! And that's why I run.

      If you ever what to visit our Church, Waters Edge Church, just drop me a changing...up beat and follows the teaching of Jesus.


  2. Great thoughts. I don't like to burp or sneeze on a run. I feel like it slows me down. It doesn't.

    1. Thanks....I'm inspired by this guy, aaaah you might know him at