Thursday, August 2, 2012

First Big Test

(pictures has nothing to do with story,
I just thought it was funny)

Yesterday was my third run on the come back trail part II and to say I was a bit nervous would be like saying the
Grand Canyon is another pot hole.  It was on the third run of my first come back attempt which set me back with the return of knee pain.  I "SOOOOOO" did not want this to happen again.  I would have accepted anything but knee pain, a sharp stick in the eye, a root canal, another vasectomy, showing up for the first day of school in my underwear, anything BUT Knee Pain!

Well yesterday after work, in 100 degree temps and with my knee strap firmly in place I managed to log 4 pain free miles at a rather quick 8:41 pace.  I really wanted to run slower but I just could not get myself to slow down.  And I’m happy to report this morning all is well in Kneeland, USA.

Monday           3 (check)
Tuesday          off
Wednesday     4 (check)
Thursday         4
Friday             off      
Saturday          6
Sunday            off

Tonight’s run will be slower…I promise.  Now to find my pants.

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