Friday, August 24, 2012

I Believe In Lance

24 Hours Later, I Still Feel The Same Way:

The USADA (a gov’t body with no power, no authority and no control) is going to suspend Lance Armstrong on doping charges with testimony by key witnesses.  My understanding is that these witnesses were offered immunity from their own legal problems for testimony.  The same immunity offered Lance a few short months ago if he would admit to doping…he turned them down.
I don’t buy it.

If you have not read Lance’s Statement I suggest you do, also I suggest you read the USADA case….oh yea they have not made one.

Armstrong is the most tested man in sports and has been for years.  He has never hid from the blood testers, he has made himself available and he has NEVER tested positive for doping.  One more time, HE HAS NEVER TESTED POSITIVE, according to the governing bodies with the power, with the authority and with the control to suspend him and remove his tour wins.  But now after all these years, after all the cases against him have been successfully defended, NOW the USADA has something on him.  I doubt it and I want my tax money back.  The US Justice Department closed a case against him because “they lacked evidence,” now all of a sudden there is evidence?

I don’t believe it. 

I also don’t buy that if Armstrong was doping, and doping for nearly 15 years…that he would have been able to keep it hidden from a sports world attacking him from all directions.  Consider the logistics trail that would have been needed to supply his alleged doping.  This supply system would have to have been able to smuggle illegal drugs into and out of foreign countries, into and out of world class racing events and past inspectors including the worlds leading blood testing programs.  As well Armstrong would have had to been able to control the legion of followers who shadowed him at every turn, not to mention celebrity friends, sponsors, girlfriends and an X-wife.  Surely one of them would have wanted to call him out if doping was true…

I don’t believe he could hide it. 

Also consider the case of physical evidence.  If Armstrong was doping what physical marks would have been apparent on his body.  No human could put that many needles in his body and keep the tracks hidden.

I find it funny…almost comical.

But I guess if he did dope, he also doped for the NYC marathon and the Ironman events.

I met Lance while deployed to Qatar Air Base.  He made a MWR stop to support the troops so my judgment may be biased.  We had a 5 minute one on one conversation about marathon training.  He showed a sincere interest in my running and "MY" training program.  Why would a world class athlete who had the advantage of performance enhancing drugs give a "rats butt" about how I trained?   I don’t believe for one moment he doped, yes the sports world is dirty and when one clean guy climbs to the top, the world as a whole is going to want to bring him down.

Ride on Lance, Run Strong…LiveSTRONG and keep doing what you do.


  1. David Ryan UschockAugust 25, 2012 at 7:43 AM

    If you give the second best, fill in the blank, in the world all the drugs, hormones, and treatments known to man he or she will either have an exploded heart, or you will see the devastating effects down the road. Look at the old athletes that need heart transplants. Maybe he did do something for an extra edge. But even if he did, at that level you are talking about a very fine line between enhancement and destruction. I would even venture to say edge seeking behavior may even DETRACT from ones performance at some point. IF he did do it I would say he overcame yet another obstacle.

  2. David,
    Thanks for the comment. Thing is Lance performance never dropped...even after the retirement he finished what 8th in the tour and the went and ran a sub 3hour marathon and competed at world class level in the tri.

    I don't buy it....

  3. I'm not taking a stance on this either way, because I think there's a lot more to the story than we'll ever know. What the mainstream media never reports, though, is that Lance donated money to the UCI - the organization that was testing him.

  4. I believe in Lance Armstrong. A man dispite all this non-sense, is still giving and caring about & for others. The Man's A Hero and a Winner no matter which way you look at it. celia